RTF Technologies describes scientific research and engineering carried out by Andrew Seltzman, a postdoc in plasma physics at MIT, previously a plasma physics graduate student at University of Wisconsin, Madison and a physics and electrical engineering graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology.


About Me:


  • Graduate University:
    • University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Graduate Field of Study:
    • Plasma Physics(PhD 2017): First observation of RF heating in the RFP using the electron bernstein wave..
    • MS Electrical Engineering(2012): High voltage pulsed power supply design.
  • Undergraduate University:
    • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Undergraduate Majors:
    • BS Physics(2008): Specializing in plasma physics and E&M
    • BS Electrical Engineering(2008): Specializing in E&M / RF engineering and control systems

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About the Web site:

RTF Technologies was first uploaded to it's server on 9/2/2003.






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