Electrical Power Systems Design


RTF Technologies' E&M Technologies describes electrical and power systems.

Resonant Power Supply

EE masters thesis work. Design and construction of a resonant switching power supply.

The supply has been tested at up to 100kV 50A output, but nominally runs at ~78kV, 30A(dependant on klystron tube specifications)


Krytron tube

Fast pulsed power switch


50 kV Ignition coil driver:

Uses a 555 timer IC and three 2N3055 switching transistors to modulate the input to an accel ignition coil. Provide a continuous output at the coils resonant frequency ( 8 kHz). Generates 5cm long plasma arcs.


100kv Cockroft Walton multiplier:

(documentation in progress)Neon sign transformer provides 6kv input to a cascaded voltage multiplier which outputs -100kv or +100kv.


Jacobs Ladder:

Neon sign transformer jacobs ladder.


NST Untaping:

Removal procedure for the center tap on a neon sign transformer.


Spot Welder

A spot welder is constructed from a microwave oven transformer.




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