RTF Technologies' General describes technical work that does not specifically fall into any other category.


5 axis desktop CNC mill

Computer controlled 5 axis CNC mill for rapid prototyping and 3D fabrication.


Powered Exoskeleton

Hydraulically powered exoskeleton.


Compact Pfeiffer Turbo Station

Compact, dry turbo station in a pelican 1200 case.


Pfeiffer Turbo Station Construction

A compact portable turbomolecular pump station was constructed


Pfeiffer Duo 1.5A Repair and Upgrade

Dismantling a pfeiffer Duo 1.5A, servicing and construction of a turbo station


Pfeiffer TPH055 Turbo Pump Tear Down

Dismantling a pfeiffer TPH055 turbo pump.


Edwards EXT 70 Turbo Pump repair

Documentation of the cleaning and repair of an Edwards EXT 70 turbomolecular vacuum pump.


Sargent-Welch 3135 Turbo Pump repair

Documentation of the cleaning and repair of a Sargent-Welch model 3135 turbo molecular vacuum pump.


Sargent-Welch 3102 Turbo Pump repair

Documentation of the cleaning, repair and bearing swap / grease conversion of a Sargent-Welch model 3102 turbo molecular vacuum pump.


Thermal imager Comparison

Thermal imager comparison

  • Seek Thermal (205x156 Vanadium Oxide)
  • FLIR Photon 320 (324x256 Vanadium Oxide)
  • L3 2500AS (160x120 Amorphous Silicon)
  • ISI 77(Pyroelectric) thermal imagers.



Seek USB thermal imager

Thermal imager


FLIR Photon 320 thermal imager

Thermal imager


L3 2500AS thermal imager

Thermal imager


ISI model 77 thermal imager

Thermal imager taking infrared videos.


Synrad H48-1 Operation

Operation of a 10W RF excited CO2 laser.


Synrad J48-1 Tear down

Dismantling a synrad RF excited sealed CO2 laser


High performance mini ITX computer

Core-i7 870 in a mini ITX case.


Turbocharger Gas Turbine

Small jet engine built from a turbocharger.


Abex AP05V Hydraulic Pump Teardown

Teardown of an Abex AP05V Hydraulic Pump


Abex AP09V Hydraulic Pump Teardown

Teardown of an Abex AP09V Hydraulic Pump


Abex AP05VC Hydraulic Pump Teardown

Teardown of an Abex AP05VC Hydraulic Pump


Stratopower 65W Hydraulic Pump Teardown

Teardown of an Stratopower 65W Hydraulic Pump


Flapper Nozzle Hydraulic Servo Valve Teardown

Teardown of a flapper nozzle hydraulic servo valve


Clausing Vertical Mill

Restoration and modification of medium sized floor mill.

Lithium Cells

Factors Influencing Ion Gradient Formation and Current Output in Lithium / Silver-salt Cells.

This is a summary of the research done from 1998 to 2003 on Ion gradient formation in Li - Ag salt cells.


Reports and Notes

Reports and class notes




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