FT-50R Modification


Overview: Freeband modification of the Yaesu FT-50R for use as a digital VFO.

A radio transmitter provides several functions comparable to lab grade RF systems. The transmitter contains a digitally controlled VCO comparable to an RF sin wave source, a T/R switch comparable to an RF TTL switch, as well as digitally controlled power output.

While amateur radios are restricted to ham band frequencies by manufacturer, certain models can be modified with a combination of hardware and software changes to extent their transmit ranges. The FT-50R was selected due to the extensive documentation of the freeband modification to enable extended transmit range and robust design.


FT-50R Transceiver (2/19/2006)



FT-50R Transceiver Back (2/19/2006)



Ni-cad Sticker Removed (2/19/2006)

Sticker is removed to expose screws that attach the keypad.


Screws Removed (2/19/2006)



Keypad Removed (2/19/2006)



Main Circuit (2/19/2006)



Modification (2/19/2006)

Removal of jumper 1 and freeband resistor enables RF output on MARS/CAP bands 140-174MHz instead of 144-148MHz.


Resistor Removed (2/19/2006)



Resistor Removed (2/19/2006)

Close up of final modification.








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