Cockroft Walton Multiplier



The Cockroft Walton multiplier used a cascaded series of diodes and capacitors to generate a high voltage dc potential from an ac input. The Cockroft Walton multiplier charges capacitors in parallel and discharges them in series.



Complete multiplier:

The completed Cockroft Walton multiplier contains two of the multiplier stages shown below immersed in castor oil. Power is supplied by a neon sign transformer that provides 6kv with respect to ground at up to 30ma. The multiplier will supply -100kv or +100kv at no load.


Multiplier stage:

The multiplier stages are built on a "Micro Quality Semiconductor inc" 150kv rectifier assemblies(H703) for x-ray transformers. Each high voltage diode is rated at 9kv at 220mA diode part number is H463-3.

Capacitors are 6kv at 220pf.


Stages together:

The two assembled stages are wired together.

Stages together:


Enclosure provides physical housing and electrical protection. Input/output terminals are wired to sealed banana jacks.


Assembled multiplier:

Housing is filled with castor oil for electrical insulation and closed. Pipe caps are sealed with teflon pipe compound paste.





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