Spot Welder



A spot welder is constructed out of a microwave oven transformer

Built (8/3/2006)


Spot welder (8/3/2006)

Complete setup. There is no electronic switching system on the transformer, to weld, the tip is simply touched to the work piece.


Spot welder (8/3/2006)

Modified microwave oven transformer. Secondary removed and rewound with three turns of heavy gauge copper wire.


Spot welder (8/3/2006)

Welding electrodes. Work surface is a copper plate. Weld electrode is a nickel brazing rod.


Spot welder work (8/3/2006)

Central grid for the mark 1 fusor.


Spot welder work (8/3/2006)

Outer grid for the mark 1 fusor.


Spot welder work (8/3/2006)

Experimental knife edge grid for the mark 1 fusor, never used.





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