Mark 2 Ion Hemisphere





4" diameter hemisphere with 0.75" diameter inner grid. New reactor will present more optimal 1:5 grid ratio.


ISO-100 Flange:

4" hemisphere will be machined to fit five 2.75" CF half nipples and welded to ISO flange. O-ring will seal both hemispheres together.



Hemisphere face sanded down to present even face to fit flange.



Each half of the reactor core will consist of 1 NW40 weld stub, one ISO-100 flange, and a 4" diameter hemisphere.


NW-40 Weld Stub:

NW40 weld stubs will be used to connect the reactor core to the high voltage feedthrough and vacuum hub.


Index Hole:

An index hole is drilled on the hemispheres axis as a reference point for machining.


Primary Bore(1/18/2005):

A small hole is bored out with the lathe in order to fit in a boring bar that will turn the hole out to the proper size.


Secondary Bore(1/19/2005):

A 1.5" OD hole is bored out with the lathe using a boring bar in order to fit the vacuum flange. The hole is counter bored to provide a lip for the flange to sit on.


Counter Bored Hole(1/19/2005):



Flange Fit(1/19/2005):

Flange firs tightly into bored hole.


Hemisphere (1/19/2005):

Hemisphere 1 assembled and ready for welding.


Core Components (2/1/2005):

Core machining complete and ready for welding.


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