Mark 2 Vacuum Hub



The vacuum hub will provide vacuum throttling control, as well as mounting points for vacuum and reactor monitoring sensors.


Vacuum Hub CAD:




2.75" CF cross, 2 rotatable flanges. Cross will serve as the reactor vacuum hub, providing vacuum connection, 8 electrical feedthroughs, and one instrumentation well.


Instrumentation Well:

One of the crosses arms is capped off, providing a 1.5" diameter by 1.25" long well for housing instrumentation.


Electrical Feedthrough:

8 terminal electrical feedthrough, 600v rating. Feedthrough will allow electrical connection to reactor monitoring sensors.


NW-40 Adaptor:

NW 40 adaptor will couple vacuum hub to reactor core.


Throttling Valve:

Throttling butterfly valve is added to vary pumping rate. A NW-25 to 2.75 conflat adaptor attaches to the top of the throttling valve to adapt the vacuum hub to the vacuum system.


Vacuum Gauge Adaptor:

An elbow will attach an NW25-1/8npt-NW25 adaptive tee to the vacuum hub. A thermocouple vacuum gauge tube will connect to the 1/8npt port.


Vacuum Hub:

Assembled vacuum hub.


Vacuum System:

Vacuum hub will connect to vacuum system via a NW25-NW25 metal vacuum hose.


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