Mark 3 Deuterium Handling System



System for handling and storing Deuterium from the electrolyzer.


Gas Handling System Schematic (to be added)



Tank Mount CAD (4/10/2006)

Mount gcode

Mount holes gcode


Tank Mount (4/10/2006)



Diaphragm Valve (4/10/2006)



Diaphragm Toggle Valve (4/10/2006)

Connects heavy water electrolyzer to storage tank.


Deuterium Tank Mount (5/16/2006)

Mounting bracket to attach tank mounts to reactor frame.


Deuterium Tank Mount (5/20/2006)

Storage tank mounts to aluminum brackets that attach to reactor frame.


Gas Handling System (5/20/2006)

Initial Setup.


Toggle Valve Guard (5/20/2006)

Guard panel for lower toggle valve,milled out of a flat sheet of aluminum.


Toggle Valve Guard (5/20/2006)

Bent into shape around valve (optional positioning of toggle valve at an angle is also shown).


Toggle Valve Guard (5/27/2006)

Bent into shape from machined aluminum sheet.


Toggle Valve Guard (5/27/2006)

Mounted on reactor over lower deuterium toggle valve.


Heavy Water Electrolyzer

Heavy water electrolyzer is constructed.


Electrolyzer Mount (6/10/2006)

Mounting plate for heavy water electrolyzer.


Electrolyzer Mount (6/14/2006)



Electrolyzer (6/14/2006)

Electrolyzer is attached to reactor frame.


Valve Cluster Mount Standoff (6/10/2006)



Valve Cluster Mount Standoff (6/10/2006)

Machined out of 1/4" aluminum.


Valve Cluster Mount (6/10/2006)

Standoffs are attached to 8020 extrusion.


Baratron Pressure Sensor (7/2/2006)

1000 torr capacitive manometer for measuring the pressure within the deuterium storage tank.


Baratron Pressure Sensor (7/2/2006)

Top view of terminals.


Dual Tank Mount CAD (7/30/2006)

Dual tank mount accommodates a second 300 cc tank for additional deuterium storage capability.

Dual Tank Mount GCODE

Dual Tank Mount Holes GCODE


Dual Tank Mount (7/30/2006)

Dual tank mount milled out of 1/2" HDPE.


Dual Tanks Mounted (7/30/2006)



Baratron Test (9/30/2006)

1000 torr Baratron at atmospheric pressure reading 762 torr.


Baratron Test (9/30/2006)

Baratron under vacuum (not low range calibrated).


Convectron (9/10/2007)

Convectron gauges will measure reactor and deuterium manifold pressure.


Convectron mounted (9/10/2007)

Convectron gauge mounted on new gas handling system.


Metering solenoid (9/10/2007)

Metering solenoid from argon ion laser will be used to automatically regulate deuterium flow into the reactor.



Metering solenoid (9/10/2007)

Metering solenoid and deuterium metering manifold.


Deuterium manifold clamp (9/10/2007)

Manifold clamp (right) and solenoid clamp (left)


Deuterium manifold clamp (9/10/2007)

Shown with new metering manifold.


Solenoid clamp (9/10/2007)

Shown with metering solenoid.


Fuel solenoid (1/08/2008)

Solenoid for switching on fuel flow.


Fuel solenoid (1/08/2008)

Two solenoids mounted on gas handling manifold, one for high flow, one for low flow through a metering valve.


Deuterium manifold (1/08/2008)

Metering manifold mounted on gas handling system.


Gas handling system (1/08/2008)

Metering manifold, control solenoids, and pressure gauge mounted.


Mass flow controller (1/20/2008)

Cole parmer mass flow controller measures and controls deuterium flow into the reactor. Range is 10ml/min.


Mass flow controller mount (2/06/2008)

Mount for mass flow controller.



Mass flow controller mount (2/06/2008)

Mount for mass flow controller.


Mass flow controller mounted (2/06/2008)

Mass flow controller mounted on reactor frame.














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