Mark 3 Turbo Pump





Vacuum System:

Cleaned and repaired Sargent Welch 3135 turbomolecular pump and controller were previously used on the Mark 1 prototype.


Turbo Pump Mounting Plate (5/14/2006)



Milled Mounting Plate (5/14/2006)



Mounting Plate (5/14/2006)

Bolts onto 6"CF flange on turbo pump. Plate is deigned with 4.5" ID clearance to allow mounting on the bottom of the turbo pump flange if necessary.


Turbo Pump (5/14/2006)



Turbo Pump (5/14/2006)



Turbo Pump (5/14/2006)



Turbo Pump Backing Flange (12/17/2006)

Replacement backing flange for turbopump to allow coupling with NW-25 hose.


Turbo Pump Backing Flange (12/17/2006)

Replacement backing pump flange is fabricated on the lathe.

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