5 Axis Desktop CNC


A 5 axis desktop CNC for rapid prototyping, 3D milling, and circuit board fabrication.

The 5-axis CNC mill will mainly be used to mill parts and circuit boards for the mark3 fusor.



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General specifications:

  • Y-axis: 100mm translation of work piece
  • X-axis: 150mm translation of work piece
  • Z-axis: 100mm translation of spindle
  • A-axis: 15:1 ball reducer, continuous rotation of work piece about x axis, 2.5" chuck
  • B-axis: +-90 rotation of spindle about y-axis
  • Low speed spindle: ER11 collet, 20kRpm, 525W
  • High speed spindle: fixed 1/8" bit mount, 80kRpm, 150W

Motion Control Hardware

Construction of translation and rotation stages, mounting base and tooling plates.


Low Speed Spindle

Low speed spindle with ER-11 collet.




High Speed Spindle

High speed spindle for PCB work and small scale machining.


Dust Vacuum

Removes chips and dust from milling area.


Control electronics

Servo drives and motion controllers.



Milling projects










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