IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 3 Core Assembly


IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 3 Reactor Assembly:

Reactor assembly documents the systems integration progress of the individual subsystems into the reactor superstructure.


Frame Components:

Frame components from 8020.



In addition to providing physical protection, the reactor frame will serve as a mounting platform for all critical reactor systems and allow transportation of the entire fusion assembly.


Vacuum Hub:

Vacuum Hub is assembled.


Vacuum Hub Mounting Plates

Plates are milled from aluminum scrap.


Horizontal Mounting Plates

Vertical Mounting Plates

Frame Mounting Plate

Vacuum Hub Clamp:

Horizontal mounting plates clamp the vertical mounting plates onto vacuum hub and 1/4-20 tapped 8020 extrusions connect the hub to the frame mounting plate.


Vacuum Hub Mounting:

Vacuum Hub mounts onto reactor frame.


Control System

Control system is assembled and mounted on frame.


Neutron Detector Mounting Plate



Neutron Detector Mounting Plate

4 mounting plates are assembled to attach the neutron detector head to the frame.


Neutron Detector Mounting Plates

Mounting plates bolt onto frame.

(plates subsequently adapted to mount ECRF amplifier)


Neutron Detector

Neutron detector is assembled


Neutron Detector Mounted

Neutron detector head mounts against mounting plates and is held in place by lateral bolts.

(cylindrical moderator subsequently removed)


Neutron Detector Mounted

Detector head is held in place against mounting plates by silicone tubing tipped L brackets.

(cylindrical moderator subsequently removed)


Reactor Assembly Progress (11/18/2005)



Reactor Assembly Progress (11/18/2005)

Top left


Reactor Assembly Progress (11/18/2005)

Isometric view


Counter Mounting Plate (3/4/2006)

Counter mounting plate CAD, plate will be fabricated on a CNC mill.

Plate G-code


CNC Mill (3/4/2006)



Milling Plate (3/4/2006)



Mounting Plates (3/4/2006)

Notch in plate center accommodates the counter case latches that hold the top and bottom of the case together. Latches hold the counter in place sideways.


Mounting Bolts (3/4/2006)

Bolts provide a base, holding the counter in place vertically.


Counter Mounting Plates (3/4/2006)



Counter Installed (3/4/2006)

Counter mounts on front panel.


Counter Clamp (4/3/2006)

Clamping blocks hold counter to frame. CAD shown is front block.

Front Clamp Block g-code (1/2" HDPE)

Rear Clamp Block g-code (1/8" Aluminum)


Counter Clamped (4/3/2006)

Clamping blocks hold counter to frame.




Gas handling system (1/08/2008)

Gas handling system assembled and mounted on frame.


Reactor sliding feet (6/8/2007)

Reactor feet allow the reactor to slide over the floor.



Reactor sliding feet (6/8/2007)

Feet milled out of HDPE. Edges and corners are beveled on a belt sander to allow easy sliding along carpet.


Feet mounted (6/8/2007)

Feet are mounted to reactor frame.


Core and grid installed (12/25/2007)

Reactor core and cooled grid installed.


Reactor base plate (1/20/2008)

Protects cooled grid and supports teflon insulation sheet.


Reactor base plate (1/20/2008)

Base plate is machined out of carbon fiber.


Reactor base plate (1/20/2008)

Base plate is mounted on reactor.


Grounding post (2/19/2008)

Grounding post connects to all ground wires.


Grounding post (2/19/2008)

Ground wires connect to post.


Grounding post (2/19/2008)

Ground wires connect to cooling system, vacuum chamber, vacuum hub, gas handling system, reactor frame, and electrical system.












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