IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 3

Mark 3 IEC Fusion Reactor Project

Welcome to the Mark 3 IEC fusion reactor research project. The Mark 3 reactor is the third design in a series of two previous reactors constructed over the IEC fusion concept. Unlike the previous two generations of prototypes, the Mark 3 is a fusion capable design utilizing the Deuterium-Deuterium fusion reaction for neutron production. The Mark 3 reactor is being used as a senior thesis project for the research option at Georgia Tech. See Fusion Progress for research updates and Mark 3 reactor construction for construction documentation updates.

Useful links: Open Source Fusion Research Consortium.

Some improvements over existing IEC designs include:

  • (Stage 1, Complete and Operational)
    • Liquid cooled grid to reduce thermionic electron emission from the grid surface by maintaining low grid temperature.
  • (Stage 2, Complete)
    • Anode layer ion source injectors to provide fuel ionization at low operating pressures and improve fusion output by increasing plasma density and temperature.
  • (Stage 3, in progress)
    • Laser probe (Thompson scattering or Interferometer) to measure plasma density and temperature at the focal point.


Files, Presentations and Thesis

Thesis and presentations for the cooled grid aspect of the Mk3 IEC fusion reactor.

Stage 1 Files

Stage 2 Files



Initial Construction

Step by step construction pictures of the Mark 3 reactor are provided in addition to all CAD designs, CNC mill gcode, and parts lists.

This documents the original Mark 3 design used for experimenting and data collection documented in the Stage 1 files.

Mark 3 reactor construction


Stage 2 Upgrades

Modification of the Mark 3 design




Test runs(Upgraded System)

Reactor Test Runs



Test runs

Reactor Test Runs





Paperwork submitter to the Office of Radiation Safety at Georgia Tech.








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