IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 3 Upgrades



Construction in progress. See Fusion Research Progress or main page for updates.


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IEC Fusion Reactor Mark 3 Upgrades:

Upgrades to the original design.


Current Mark3 setup


Current Mark3 cad revision:



Previously documented Mark3 cad revision:


Revision 9 was used for the collection of all stage1 data.


Vacuum Chamber Upgrade / Inspection

Upgrades and Inspection of vacuum chamber interior


Grid Power Supply

Spellman series 3000 power supply will supply power to the ion accelerating grid for reactor testing.


Cooled Grid Version 2

New cooled grid design with quartz and boron nitride insulator.


Cooled Grid Version 3

New cooled grid design with Macor / Alumina insulator


Cooled Grid Version 4

New cooled grid design with Macor insulator


Control System Version 2

Ethernet based control system for the fusor.


Cooling System Version 2

Grid cooling system upgrades for the fusor.


Cooling System Version 3

Grid cooling system upgrades for the fusor.


Vacuum hub upgrade

Vacuum hub completely removed and upgraded to use 2.75" conflat cube, electrical valve and MKS quattro 999 gauge.


Deuterium Gas Control

Control valve for pressure control in fusor


Viewport Shield

Ion beam and x-ray shielding for the viewport


Microbolometer / Laser Interferometer

Thermal imaging in the 7-14um wavelength, 10.6um CO2 laser interferometer design


Ion Collector

Grid mounted ion collector to determine ion bombardment intesity vs position.


Anode Layer Ion Source

Four anode layer ion sources will allow stable operation at pressures under 10mTorr. These sources replace the ECRF ion injectors which never worked properly and were not used in fusor operation.


Pfeiffer Turbo Station Construction:

New turbo pump station









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